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Private Jet Charter to Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka

Private jet charter to Sri Lanka

The north is still relatively untouched when it comes to tourism. Slowly reopening, it’s a completely different world from the bustling tourist havens in the south. The city of Jaffna, on a peninsula of the same name, is one of the best spots to head to in this region. Still bearing the scars of the long fought civil war, here you’ll be the minority, getting swept along in life, instead of one in a mass of tourists. There is a beautiful temple area as well as a fort, though you will have to rough it slightly if you’re used to complete luxury, this area of Sri Lanka is still undeveloped in terms of tourism so their hotels are more basic, though perfectly adequate.

The east coast differs greatly to the popular west coast. Far less visited due to it being on the opposite coast to the airport, resorts such as Trincomalee and Passikudah are nevertheless some of the most beautiful on the island. The ocean is much calmer on this side, the sand softer and the water is shallow for longer, making it ideal for families with children. You can easily charter from the main airport across to the east coast, and in some cases you’ll get to use a seaplane with a spectacular water landing. Also, if chartering directly across you can ask to fly over Sigiriya Rock to get some great shots of this iconic wonder from the air.

The south of Sri Lanka is where you’ll find the beautiful fortified city of Galle as well as the national parks of Yala and Udawalawe. Galle is the home of a Dutch fort and the entire town is enclosed, making a walk among its battlements a must. If you’re looking for wildlife however, you’ll want to head a little further east. Yala is known to have one of the highest concentrations of leopard in the world, with sightings of this elusive big cat more common here than anywhere else in the world. Udawalawe specialises in elephants as it is home to a rehabilitation centre and whilst you cannot interact with the animals, as they need to be released, you can observe them and of course head out to spot those roaming the park.

The west is where you’ll find the majority of beaches, with resort after resort dotting the coastline and offering everything from intimate boutique experiences to large, sprawling all inclusive hotels. This is where people come to chill out and relax, be it after a tour of the rest of Sri Lanka or for some well needed rest and relaxation. With the beach and its plethora of hotels within easy reach of the airport, you can be rest assured to find something suitable, and there are plenty of forays into the lush heart of Sri Lanka available should you feel like skipping the beach for a day.

The golden triangle sits at the heart of Sri Lanka and is one of the major reasons Sri Lanka is such a rewarding place to visit. It is the perfect culture companion to the beautiful beaches that ring the island, with natural formations, ancient cities and sprawling national parks. Whether you head in form the east or the west there are definitely some must-see sights in the area. The first is Sigiriya, a monolithic rock formation which used to house the palace of Sri Lanka’s king, now it’s a ruin, with barely any structure left, but the thousands of steps and stairs up the sides, as well as a cave full of frescos, mirror walls and the views from the top make the climb worth it. Secondly, the cave temple complex of Dambulla, where you’ll find cave upon cave of frescoes covering walls and ceilings as well as countless statues of Buddha and the kings of Sri Lanka. A visit the one of the ancient cities, be it Polonnaruwa or Anuradhapura is also heartily advised. Just beneath this area is where you’ll also find all of Sri Lanka’s tea plantations, and a visit to Nuwara Eliya, and Kandy, a cultural hot spot home to the renowned Temple of the Tooth is also highly recommended.

The main airport is set just outside Colombo and whilst more often referred to as Colombo airport, its full name is Colombo-Bandaranayake International Airport. Why not take a look at our airport finder to see how you would explore this beautiful island and book a private jet to Sri Lanka with Air Charter Service.



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