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Private jet charter and flights to New Brunswick

While not as famous as its nearest neighbours Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and Québec, the Maritime province of New Brunswick surprises with its natural beauty, laid-back lifestyle, diverse culture and world-beating seafood. Two contrasting coastlines, historic cities, winding river valleys and the northernmost reaches of the Appalachian Mountains await visitors seeking adventure without the crowds. Get a fast quote from Air Charter Service to charter a private jet to New Brunswick.

The province’s most famous region is the Bay of Fundy Coast, known for having the highest tides on Earth. Stretching from the border with the US state of Maine to the provincial border with Nova Scotia, this rugged coastline is absolutely breathtaking. The most iconic spot is picture-perfect Hopewell Rocks at the eastern end of the bay, where you can witness the huge difference between the tides – at low tide you can walk out amidst towering sandstone stacks, while at high tide the sea floor on which you stepped is now at least 12 metres below the water. Kayakers head out to circumnavigate the rocks and pass through the natural arches shaped by this incredible show of nature – never has the phrase ‘time and tide’ been more pertinent.

Travel westward and you’ll pass through charming hamlets and villages before reaching the dramatically-named Cape Enrage (a spectacular spot from which to enjoy views over the bay) and Fundy National Park. One of two national parks in New Brunswick, Fundy encompasses coastal landscapes, waterfalls, forests, bogs and highlands. Seventy-five miles of hiking trails vary in length and difficulty, including a section of the cross-country Trans Canada Trail. Stargazers will love it here – designated as a Dark Sky Preserve in 2011, the night sky above the park is gloriously unaffected by light pollution and on a clear, moonless night visitors can experience some of Canada’s best celestial views.

Those seeking urban pursuits should head to Saint John, the Fundy Coast’s only city. Now a favourite port of call on New England and eastern Canada cruise itineraries, the city was first settled by British loyalists seeking shelter at the end of the American Revolutionary War and immigrants from Ireland. It has all the trappings of a modern city along with a plethora of historic sites, including the 19th-century Loyalist House and the Carleton Matello Tower, a defensive fort built by the British Empire. Continue west and you’ll reach Saint Andrews, a historic town and popular vacation destination from which whale-watching cruises depart in search of humpback, minke and finback whales.

The eastern Acadian Coast is a land of wide sandy beaches, sheltered waters and a culture shaped by the descendants of French colonists. As you travel up scenic Highway 11 from the city of Moncton, you can taste some of the best seafood on offer in North America; the town of Shediac is known as the lobster capital of the world, while the Miramichi River is rich in salmon. There enough are shacks and restaurants along the coast to satisfy all your seafood cravings. Other regional draws include pretty 19th-century lighthouses and Chaleur Bay – the largest bay in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence – and the Acadian Islands of Lameque and Miscou.

It may seem like all of New Brunswick’s attractions lie along the coast, but its inland landscapes are also worth exploring. The western Saint John River Valley follows the wide, winding river and is home to rolling hills, farmland, pretty clapboard-house villages and capital city Fredericton, which oozes history and heritage. Northwest of Fredericton is the town of Hartland, where you’ll find the world’s longest covered bridge. Further north along the Trans-Canada Highway is the town of Grand Falls, the location of the Grand Falls gorge and waterfall which you can witness on a hike or a kayaking, zip-lining or boat trip. The region is also rich in First Nations culture.

To experience the province’s real wilderness areas, you have to head north into the rugged and ancient Appalachian Mountains. Explore the Mount Carleton Provincial Park to see the highest peak in the Canadian Maritimes; or mountain bike, hike and ski in Sugarloaf Provincial Park. This is a real off-the-beaten-track destination for outdoor pursuits.

Alongside the international airports in Moncton and Fredericton, there are a number of smaller airfields and heliports throughout the province. Simply contact one of our team and we can arrange everything you need to charter a private jet to Brunswick.



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