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Private Jet Charter to Lìjiāng



Private jet charter and flights to Lìjiāng

Capital of the Naxi Kingdom, one of China’s most vibrant ethnic minorities, Lìjiāng is known as the ‘Venice of the Orient’ thanks to its meandering canals, quaint bridges and winding cobbled streets. Visitors to this charming city in Yunnan’s southwestern province will discover an intoxicating blend of fabled historic sights, delightful local traditions and jaw-dropping natural landscapes. Experience it all: request a private jet charter quote from Air Charter Service.

Explore the region’s fascinating cultural heritage at Mu’s Mansion, the former home of Lìjiāng’s ruling family, continuing to Lion Hill Park for stunning views over the city and mountains. Ascend the tranquil hillside dotted with 800-year-old cypress trees, ringing a large ‘Peace Bell’ at the top. Adventurers should trek along Tiger Leaping Gorge on the Jinsha River, one of the world’s deepest and most spectacular river canyons, and take a thrilling cable-car ride up the snow-capped slopes of sacred Jade Dragon Snow Mountain for sensational views.

Lìjiāng’s beautiful Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which dates back over 800 years. Stroll down narrow alleyways lined with timber-framed houses, admiring ancient architecture and intricate waterways. A bonfire is lit in the atmospheric main square every evening as the town comes alive with rhythmic dongjing dancers, colourful theatre shows and lively bars. End a magical day by releasing a candle boat onto the canal before watching it float past from the Old Stone Bridge.

Square Street is Lìjiāng’s main shopping hub, a traditional bazaar where you’ll find a range of traditional local crafts and souvenirs including Naxi jewellery carved with Dongba hieroglyphs, knitted shawls, murals, hand-crafted silver ornaments and the region’s iconic Bunong bells. For a really special keepsake, choose a Dongba tapestry. Intricately woven using local wool, these colourful ethnic handicrafts make beautiful wall hangings.

Dining in Lìjiāng is an exotic mixture of Naxi, Chengdu and Sichuan cuisines prepared using fresh local ingredients. For traditional Naxi dishes such as Dongba spicy chicken and deep-fried dragonflies, grab a table at the unassuming No. 88 Naxi Snacks. One of the city’s most popular restaurants, Tiāntiān Xiān, is renowned for its delicious grilled fish, while on Square Street you can try bite-size local street food including potato pancakes and grilled sausages. A growing range of international restaurants can also be found in the Old Town and at various hotels.

Lìjiāng’s most coveted hotel is, unsurprisingly, owned by Aman – boasting spellbinding views over fabled city and Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Amandayan is an understated haven of serenity where world-class facilities include a tranquil spa and elegant restaurant. Another luxurious enclave, Banyan Tree Lìjiāng, features spacious villas scattered around a glistening lake. For a more low-key base, the charming Jun Bo Xuan Boutique Guesthouse offers classically decorated air-conditioned rooms in the centre of the Old Town.

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Private jet charter and flights to Lìjiāng

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