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Private Jet Charter to Kobe



Private jet charter and flights to Kobe

Sitting to the west of Osaka on the bay of the same name, Kobe is the capital of the Hyōgo prefecture. In 1868 the city became one of the first Japanese ports to open to the world following over 200 years of national isolation; today it’s one of the country’s most multicultural destinations. Wander along the cosmopolitan waterfront, head into the hills for a day of hiking, enjoy some succulent Kobe beef and bathe in mountainside hot springs. Get a fast quote from Air Charter Service to charter a private jet to Kobe.

Kobe sits on a narrow strip of land between Osaka Bay and the Rokko Mountains. The city revolves around the downtown areas of Sannomiya, Motomachi and Shinkaichi. Nearby, the former foreign settlement of Kyu-kyoryuchi was once home to many 19th-century trading companies and is now a lively entertainment centre with plenty of shops, restaurants and cafés. You’ll find a handful of historic buildings among the modern buildings that line the district’s streets, including the Former US Consulate General and the Kaigan Building.

Explore the district of Kitano-Cho, nestled at the foot of emerald-clad mountains. Wealthy foreign traders and sailors settled here in the late 19th Century, building grand mansions that reminded them of home, so you might feel as if you’re in Europe rather than the Far East. It’s a unique experience to walk amid a mix of Gothic and Victorian buildings in one of Japan’s most contemporary cities.

As with many port settlements, much of Kobe’s action can be found down along the waterfront – popular Harborland is a contemporary shopping and entertainment district whose iconic red-and-yellow Ferris wheel looks out over the water. You can lose hours browsing the stores of the Umie shopping mall; wandering along the traditionally-lit Gaslight Street at night; or exploring the bars and restaurants of Renga Soko, a collection of renovated warehouses built in the 1900s. Across the water, Meriken Park is home to one of one of the city’s most recognisable landmarks, the Kobe Port Tower, where visitors can admire 360-degree views of the city. You’ll also find the Maritime Museum, the Kawasaki Good Times World and a small memorial to the victims of the Great Hanshin Earthquake.

If you want to escape the urban hub and soak up its dramatic natural surroundings, take the charming cable car up the side of Mount Rokko – the highest peak in a mountain range that creates a beautiful backdrop to the city – for far-reaching views over Kobe, Osaka and the bay below. Head up to the Tenran Observatory at sunset or after dark to see the changing colours of the sky and twinkling urban lights. During the day, there’s plenty to do up on the mountain, including following the network of hiking and mountain biking trails, playing a round of golf, visiting the botanical gardens and wandering around the Rokko Garden Terrace with its art installations and epic views. During the hot summer months, the mountains offer fresher and cooler air; while during the winter, the leaves change to vibrant yellows, reds and oranges.

Follow a ropeway or take a train down Mount Rokko’s slope to the Arima Onsen hot spring. One of the country’s oldest hot spring resorts, its mineral-rich ‘gold’ and ‘silver’ waters are reputed to have healing properties – just what you’ll need following an active day on the trails. You can stay overnight in a traditional ryokan and use their private pools, or spend time at one of the two public baths in town if you’re just visiting for the day.

Unless you’re a vegetarian or vegan, you can’t visit the city without sampling some of the region’s most famous produce – tender and flavourful Kobe beef. There’s nothing quite like experiencing this famous dish where it originated at one of the city’s numerous steakhouses. This richly marbled meat is so revered that at some high-end dining venues you can even see certification proving their beef is the real thing.

Kobe airport sits on a man-made island located in Osaka Bay to the south of Port Island. Simply contact one of our team and we’ll arrange everything you need to charter a private jet to Kobe.

Private jet charter and flights to Kobe

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