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Private Jet Charter to New Orleans


Private jet charter to New Orleans

New Orleans is a storied place, with a history that warrants contemplation. From its capture by the Union during the Civil War, which led to the building of early colonial buildings that still stand today, to the birthplace of jazz, New Orleans is a place of scars ingrained with great beauty. Get a fast quote from Air Charter Service to hire a private jet to New Orleans.

Hurricane Katrina decimated around 80% of New Orleans alone. Although the recovery has been a long one and many elements of its infrastructure remain broken, its spirit endures. Despite the storm, New Orleans is the birthplace of jazz and continues to draw in millions of tourists from all over the world, annually, which is why a visit to New Orleans won’t be complete without experiencing its live music scene. Pay the Candlelight Lounge, located on 925 N Robertson Street, a visit first. Playing host to the Tremé Brass Brand every Wednesday, the venue does well to showcase some of the best local talent in town coupled with an unpretentious drinks menu. If you’re looking to pair good music with a solid cocktail menu however, Three Muses on 536 Frenchmen Street should be on your list of venues to stop-off at. Priding themselves on their ability to provide their bar guests with a uniquely professional culinary and musical experience, Three Muses host jazz and Americana on Friday and Saturday nights. If you’re looking to drop by, make sure you add your name to the list to reserve yourself a seat.

When looking for a place to stay during your visit to New Orleans, you’ll be confronted with an array of choices, each with their own matchless personality. International House on 221 Camp Street is a prime example of this. Tastefully themed rooms, such as the Apple King containing an Apple television and locally grown organic apples, add an element of intrigue, while stunningly appointed suites and penthouse studios convey the establishment’s keen attention to detail. With features such as spa-like bathrooms, desks with Carrera marble tops and photographs of local music greats in some rooms, this hotel marries stunning touches with a real sense of New Orleans’ history. Located on 2023 Esplanade Avenue, Ashton’s Bed and Breakfast offers luxury amenities stand-up Jacuzzis and modern technological touches throughout. Their free breakfasts showcase the best of New Orleans fare including sweet potato French toast with pecan honey-butter or Mardis Gras eggs benedict with Cajun tasso hollandaise.

And this is a mere introduction to the creolised dishes of the region – check out Bayona on 430 Dauphine Street to truly immerse yourself in its unique flavours. From grilled pork chop and creamy polenta served in Marsala sauce and Greek sausage stuffed rabbit roulade and fried leg, this restaurant offers a diverse menu that defies definition. Their delicious cocktail, beer and wine menus also call for a look. Commander’s Palace on Washington Avenue is also an excellent dining choice. With an emphasis on innovative seafood dishes, this award-winning restaurant prides itself on offering haute Creole cuisine that reflects the very best of what the city has to offer. Expect stunning dishes such as Louisiana blue crab and River Basin caviar, a regional favourite of turtle soup and a sizzling cast iron cauldron of Lousiana crabmeat served in French triple cream cheese served with braised leeks and grilled flatbread at this fine eatery.

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