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Kruger National Park

Private jet charter and flights to Kruger National Park

Together with the Maasai Mara and Serengeti, Kruger is a truly iconic African safari destination. South Africa’s largest national park protects more wildlife species than any other park in Africa, making it a haven for wildlife lovers from around the world. Request a private jet charter quote from Air Charter Service to Kruger National Park.

Kruger is home to hundreds of bird species, 118 types of reptile and almost 150 mammal species, as well as a wide range of flora. Most visitors journey here to see the Big Five – the African elephant, the black or white rhinoceros, leopard, lion and Cape buffalo – however, there’s so much more to the park than its most-famous inhabitants. Budding ornithologists regularly glimpse eagles, hawks, storks, raptors, hornbills and vultures; while the park even has a Little Five (antlions, elephant shrews, leopard tortoises, red-billed buffalo weavers and rhino beetles) which can be slightly trickier to spot!

The park itself is long and thin, stretching almost 220 miles from the Crocodile River in the south to the Zimbabwean border in the north and approximately 37 miles at its widest point. Its 8,300 square miles are accessed by nine entrance gates and crossed by over 1,600 miles of roads – the majority of which are in great condition, making this a great park for a self-drive safari. However, many visitors prefer to embark on guided game drives from one of the park’s safari lodges, which range from budget to luxury and old-world to ultra-modern.

The most extravagant lodges are concentrated centrally and southerly. Guests are usually offered morning and evening guided game drives, with plenty of downtime in between to make the most of the incredible setting. In addition to not having to worry about driving while looking out for wildlife, you’ll have the benefit of your guide’s expert knowledge of the often-elusive animals’ habits and habitats.

As South Africa’s most popular national park, it should come as no surprise that Kruger is often busy. Those seeking a more exclusive safari experience should consider staying in a bordering private game reserve. These were once separated by fenced from the main park, but today an increasing number of reserves allow wildlife to roam freely, giving you the best of both worlds as you track animals both around your camp and into the park itself.

Private game reserves are also where you’ll find the region’s most incredible lodges and camps, many of which are located near watering holes teeming with wildlife. These lavish bases offer guests the chance to stay in a luxurious tented suite with its own viewing deck and plunge pool, enjoy gourmet South African cuisine under the evening stars and indulge in blissful spa treatments overlooking the African bush.

Kruger National Park is a five-hour drive from Johannesburg International Airport. Those travelling by private jet can fly to Hendrik Van Eck Airport in Phalaborwa, Eastgate Airport in Hoedspruit or Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport in Nelspruit, all located an hour’s flight from Johannesburg along the park’s western edge. Some private game reserves also have their own airstrips.

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