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The world’s most extravagant private jet interiors

Here are the world’s most extravagant private jet interiors, featuring everything from anti-ballistic defence systems to Hollywood-themed designs.

Top five private jet interiors

1) President Donald Trump’s Boeing 747-200Bs and C-32

According to this ACS guide on how 13 of today’s most influential figures travel, US president Donald Trump has three aircraft at his disposal worth a combined £780 million. His favourites are the identical Boeing 747-200B planes, referred to as Air Force One. Although the jets have been used by presidents for over 25 years, these famous aircraft have been heavily customised for maximum security. Up-to-date features include protection against attacks, electromagnetic pulses and secure communication channels.

Each jet is 70 metres long and boasts a large cabin with space for 70 passengers and 26 crew members, including the President’s staff. The jets are fitted with a private bedroom and bathroom, as well as a lavish gym, an office and even a medical suite with operating room. They were originally decorated in an ‘American Southwest’ style by former presidential wife Nancy Reagan, but this look has since been updated.

2) Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates’ Bombardier Global Express jets

Stars and business moguls such as Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates and Céline Dion have their own customised Bombardier Global Express private jets. These planes have sumptuous leather and wood veneer interiors with luxury bathrooms, entertainment systems and first-class recliner seats. The Bombardiers can fit up to 19 guests on board, are powered by twin Rolls-Royce BR710 engines and cost between £29.6 million and £31.7 million to buy and up to £5,600 per hour for private jet charter.

Bombardier’s newest business jet model, the Global 8000, is its most impressive yet, with a 7,900-nautical-mile range and space for 17 passengers. The jet has one of the fastest internet connections in aviation, super-large windows and en-suite bathrooms with stand-up showers. Clients can request different cabin figurations, from lounges to meeting and dining rooms with wall-mounted TVs, ergonomically adjustable executive seats and galleys with cooking facilities.

The interior of a private jet, featuring leather couches, a decorative carpet and a wood-finish in-flight entertainment unit
The interior of a private jet, featuring leather couches, a decorative carpet and a wood-finish in-flight entertainment unit

3) HNA Group’s Boeing 787-8 BBJ

Boeing Dreamliners have been popular as passenger aircraft since 2009 for their range, comfort, fuel efficiency and composite bodies. However, in 2016 China’s HNA group bought the first private jet Dreamliner. Designed by Stephen Vella, CEO of Kestrel Aviation Management, the 2,400 square-foot interior was custom made with a master suite complete with sound proofing, king-sized bed, walk-in closet and dressing room, as well as an en-suite bathroom with double shower and marble heated floors.

The Dreamliner can accommodate 40 passengers and has a range of almost 9,800 miles, meaning it can fly practically anywhere in the world in under 17 hours. The interior took over two years to complete and a boasts five bathrooms, a spacious main lounge with day beds and 55-inch flat-screen TV, meeting area and guest cabin with 18 first class sleeper seats. The Dreamliner costs £228.9 million and is used by HNA’s chairman and high-end charter customers, as well as for luxury air travel services.

4) The Embraer Lineage 1000E and its quirky themed designs

Based on the Embraer E190 regional airliner, this £37.7 million model was designed with travelling royals and politicians in mind and has five cabin zones that can be designed in various styles and configurations. Top features include master bedrooms with large beds and walk-in showers, living rooms and bars. The jet has a range of 4,600 nautical miles and designer Jay Beever created five quirky designs.

Skyacht One takes nautical inspiration from superyachts with mahogany, brass, wood and leather décor. The Kyoto Airship has floor-to-ceiling windows with panoramic views, while Skyranch One is based on the Wild West with bleached woods, horn trimming and saddle-stitched leather. The Manhattan is inspired by the art and architecture of 1930s Manhattan with a jewel-coloured interior. Finally, the Hollywood model pays homage to vintage Tinseltown with an art-deco bar and gold-toned bar stools.

5) Roman Abramovich’s Boeing 767-33AER

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich owns a fleet of personal planes, but his most recognisable is the Boeing 767-33AER, also known as ‘The Bandit’ for its black markings near the windows. The jet cost £235 million and is heavily customised with luxury touches, such as a 30-seater banquet hall, kitchen, bedroom and office. The 201-foot-long jet is decorated with fine woods, precious metals and gold. Abramovich has also installed his own £1.4 million anti-ballistic defence system, which reportedly rivals President Trump’s.

The interior of a private jet, featuring white leather chairs
The interior of a private jet, featuring white leather chairs

The best of the rest

The rich and famous regularly whizz around the world in private jets for holidays, functions and events. Here are a few more of the most impressive:

  • Queen Elizabeth II – The British monarch is transported to events by the UK’s 32nd squadron in a fleet of planes worth £77.5 million. She also has a personal Sikorsky S-76 Spirit helicopter belonging to the royal household.
  • Jay Z – The music mogul has a £28.2 million Challenger 850 jet with a kitchen, living room, bedroom and two bathrooms. His superstar wife Beyoncé bought the jet as a Father’s Day present from their daughter Blue Ivy.
  • Alisher Usmanov – The businessman owns the biggest business jet in the Russian Federation, a £270 million Airbus A340-300.
  • John Travolta – The Hollywood heavyweight has a pilot’s licence and owns seven planes, including a Boeing 707 and 727, a Bombardier Challenger 601 and three Gulfstreams. The actor even has an aeroplane hangar attached to his home in Florida.
  • Vladimir Putin – The Russian president has a fleet of 68 planes and 64 helicopters at his disposal. His flagship IL-96-300PU is worth £390 million, making it the most expensive private jet on this list. The aircraft features neoclassical interior design with gold accents and tapestries, as well as an office, bedroom, gym and jamming radars.
  • Theresa May – The British Prime Minister has use of an Airbus A330 with space for 160 passengers. The jet cost £195 million and is used for official government trips.
  • Jim Carrey – The award-winning film star has his own Gulfstream V worth £41.6 million, which can seat 16 passengers and travels at almost the speed of sound.

To find out more about the private jets that some of the world’s richest and most famous fly in, check out our infographic series on the private jets of world leaders. Or if you fancy flying in your own luxurious private jet, contact us for a tailored private jet charter quote.



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