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5 Ways to Escape Winter Flight Delays

Don’t let winter weather derail your travel plans. We’ve put together a list of five tips to help you get to your destination on time no matter what Mother Nature brings.

1. Choose the best airport

It’s a fact: some airports handle winter weather conditions far better than others. The Department of Transportation keeps records of the number of delays and cancellations at every major airport in the United States. If your origin or destination is served by several airports, visit this website to review the options and then select the airport with the best ranking

2. Plan to depart in the early morning

While getting to the airport in the early hours of the morning may require an extra large cup of coffee, it could mean the difference between facing a major flight delay and getting out on time. When winter weather strikes, flights tend to pile up as the day goes on. If you can, plan to depart earlier than 10:00am to improve your chances of an on-time departure. And in the event that your flight gets cancelled, you will often have more options of flights you can switch to throughout the day than if you were to depart in the evening.

3. Fly directly to your destination

Every connection is a chance for winter weather to derail your travel itinerary. When possible, fly direct to your destination to maximize your chances of arriving on time.

4. If you’re stranded at airport, book a last-minute private jet charter

If a flight cancellation leaves you stranded, all hope is not lost — you can still get to your meeting or vacation on time. While private jets can be grounded due to very extreme weather, they can often fly when commercial airlines cannot. This is because private jets can land at many more airports than commercial planes. In the event of winter weather, private jet pilots can easily switch to an airport that is less affected by a storm. Moreover, smaller airports are better equipped to clear or de-ice the tarmac as the runways are much shorter than at commercial airports. If you find yourself stranded at the airport during a storm, reach out to our team to see if it is possible to charter a private plane from the closest airport in operation.

5. Book a private flight in advance

By far the best way to avoid the hassle of cancellations and the inevitable crowds at the airport is to book a private jet charter in advance. If you’re flying during a month that has unpredictable winter weather and you have somewhere important to be, consider booking a private charter flight. It’s the best step you can take to secure an on-time arrival.



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